How to re-recycle

After you have used, exhausted or grown out of any of our swimsuits, we'd be delighted if you would return them to us for recycling. It doesn't matter what state the swimsuit is in. Yes, really. Please email us to let us know your old swimwear is on its way to us ( and then post your package to Noma Swimwear (Recycling), 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, and include your name and email address in or on the package so that we know who it is from. Once we receive your old Noma swimsuit, we'll email you a discount code to get money off your next purchase with us: £5 for one swimwear item and £10 for more than one. Regrettably, hats are not included in this initiative.

Working towards a circular economy

Our plan is to save old Noma Swimwear garments from landfill or incineration by re-recycling them. We are hopeful that by the time we have a good weight of old Noma Swimwear suits, the technology will have advanced sufficiently that we will be able to work with our yarn producer to do this. This isn’t just wishful thinking since an initiative is already in place for a well-known global swimwear company. We just need them, or another technology partner, to be able to also work with smaller scale companies like us. The future for all synthetic fibres is a regenerative (or circular) system - it’s an exciting prospect.