GuppyFriend Microfibre Filter Bag
GuppyFriend Microfibre Filter Bag GuppyFriend Microfibre Filter Bag GuppyFriend Microfibre Filter Bag GuppyFriend Microfibre Filter Bag

GuppyFriend Microfibre Filter Bag

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The most effective product currently available for reducing the amount of microfibres released into our waterways from domestic washing. 

When synthetic garments are washed, tiny fragments snap and flow out of our washing machines (in the dirty water). These fragments are so small they are almost invisible, and yet, because synthetic fibres are now so prevalent, together they form a large part of our ocean plastics problem. Once in our oceans, we can’t remove them. They are eaten by marine life and make their way into our food chain. Whilst scientists search for a longer term solution to the microplastics problem, washing your synthetic garments in a GuppyFriend is the best current option. 

One size: 50 x 74cm.

Material and care

Made from 100% polyamide. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Air dry. Every few washes, collect the fibres that have become caught up in the hems of the bag and put them in a bin. Do not rinse them down the sink! When using the GuppyFriend bag, do not fill more than half full. 

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We offer free UK standard delivery and free UK returns. UK standard delivery takes 3-4 days from you placing your order. You may also select express UK delivery, or Europe or worldwide shipping. If you wish to cancel, return or exchange your order, please let us know within 21 days of receipt and return items in a fully resaleable condition.  More information can be found on the Delivery, Returns & Recycling page.

Size guide


Does the GuppyFriend bag shed microfibres itself?

The GuppyFriend bag is made from polyester including all tapes and labels. The fabric is made from monofilaments and so doesn’t itself shed microfibres. 

I can hardly find any fibres in my GuppyFriend, is it working?

It’s perfectly normal not to find any fibres, particularly at first. They are very small and often transparent so they are sometimes not visible to the naked eye. In addition, the GuppyFriend bag is designed to stop microplastics at source. Due to the smooth surface and structure of the material, fewer microfibres break off during washing. Over time, microfibres build up and you’ll find the evidence in the corners and hems of the GuppyFriend bag. 

Why isn’t there a microfibre filter in every washing machine?

Microfibres are so small that they would immediately clog permanently installed filters, in seconds. There is a lot of research currently happening on filters for machines but we don’t yet have a solution. In the meantime, the GuppyFriend bag is the best solution we currently have. 

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