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Magenta/ white long-sleeved baby all-in-one swimsuit

Magenta/ white long-sleeved baby all-in-one swimsuit

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Brilliant for keeping babies safe from the harmful effects of the sun, our UPF50+ all-in-one swimsuits are designed to cover them up. No need to worry about sunburn or the hassle of suncream. Plus, our signature fabric is made from super-soft, luxury recycled polyamide from ghost fishing nets, and we offer a take-back scheme to re-recycle them once you have finished with them.

Size Chart


We design our swimwear to be skin fit on an average child within the older year within each range (eg 7 within 6/7y), so if in doubt, we recommend that you go a size up. 


6-12 months

12-24 months

2-3 years

Up to 80 cm

Up to 92 cm

Up to 98 cm




4-5 years

6-7 years

8-9 years

Up to 110 cm

Up to 122 cm

Up to 134 cm




10-11 years

12-13 years

14+ years

Up to 146 cm

Up to 158 cm

Up to 165 cm


Materials & Care

Made from 100% polyamide. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Air dry.�Every few washes, collect the fibres that have become caught up in the hems of the bag and put them in a bin. Do not rinse them down the sink! When using the GuppyFriend bag, do not fill more than half full.�

Delivery & Returns

We offer free UK standard delivery and free UK returns.�UK standard delivery�takes 3-4 days from you placing your order. You may also select express UK delivery, or Europe or worldwide shipping. If you wish to cancel, return or exchange your order, please let us know within 21 days of receipt and return items in a fully resaleable condition. �More information can be found on the�Delivery, Returns & Recycling page.

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Why does young skin need sun protection?

Sunburn is painful and miserable for everyone. Sunburn is also a leading cause of skin cancer. Studies have found that only a few significant sunburn episodes in childhood greatly increase the risk of skin cancer in later life, so we know that young sensitive skin needs more protection than older skin that has had greater exposure to the sun. You can protect against sunburn with suncream or protective clothing (including swimwear). Most babies hate having suncream applied. Most people don’t put on enough suncream, miss bits or forget to reapply. Sun-protection swimwear means you only need to apply suncream to the bits that aren’t covered by the swimwear – less to do and less to think about. Our signature swimwear fabric has a UPF50+ rating when dry and when wet.

Will my baby be too hot in an all-in-one?

Swimwear fabric isn’t “breathable” so on extremely hot days please be sensible about the risks of heat rashes, but if your child is in and out of water frequently that will alleviate any risk. 

In the same vein, our all-in-ones are not designed as warmth suits, but the extra coverage along the arms and legs will provide a modest amount of warmth when worn in cooler water: perfect if your child is finding their swimming lessons a little too cold. 

Do they have a nappy inside?

No. Your baby will need to wear a swim nappy underneath this all-in-one. If the all-in-one becomes soiled, please wash promptly to avoid staining. These suits are stitched to last and wash well so you will get lots of use out of them. 

How does the quality of recycled fabric compare to virgin polyamide fabric?

We use ECONYL yarn in our signature fabric for our swimwear. ECONYL is the industry leader for quality regenerated polyamide. When the ECONYL is created from post-consumer waste including ghost fishing nets, the regeneration process takes it back to a molecular level so the regenerated polyamide that is created is the same as virgin polyamide. There is no compromise on quality.